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Rosemary Green/Malachite Nahua Velvet Bangle

Rosemary Green/Malachite Nahua Velvet Bangle

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Rock and chic bangle in green velvet, hand embroidered in brass wire and sequins with its semi-precious stone (green Malachite) in the shape of a heart set in brass.


• Hand embroidered

• Short velvet

• In silk thread, brass and sequins

• Semi-precious stone and brass setting

• Leather lining

Stainless and anti-allergenic brass interior

Unique Know-How

Created using a unique vertical embroidery technique, each of our jewels is a fragment of ancestral know-how dating back to the first maharajas.

To make it last, with these exceptional craftsmen we are diverting this technique initially intended for the creation of ceremonial clothing and Indian army uniforms.
In this way, history lives on and many Indian families continue to make a living from their art.

Know how to care for your Nahua jewelry

All our products are made by hand , with leather, silk thread, sequins and other pearls and semi-precious stones! It is therefore necessary to take the greatest care of it.

Just like our 4-legged friends, our jewelry does not tolerate water! 🙀
It is recommended not to immerse it in water (salt or chlorinated), detergents as well as with oils and cosmetic products, alcohol, chemicals and acids.

Nahua, a jewelry brand with an inspiring soul, embodies the very essence of authentic craftsmanship and artistic expression. Founded by passionate artisans, Nahua is much more than just a brand, it is a journey to the heart of age-old traditions and rich cultures.

Each Nahua piece of jewelry is a living testimony to the talent and know-how of the artisans who create them. The pieces are meticulously crafted by hand, using ancestral techniques passed down from generation to generation. Every detail is carefully thought out, and the result is a collection of unique jewelry, full of emotion and history.

The materials used by Nahua are carefully selected for their quality and durability. From semi-precious stones to precious metals, each element is chosen with love, reflecting the natural beauty that surrounds our lives.

But Nahua is much more than just a jewelry brand. It is a commitment to ethics and sustainability. Artisans strive to minimize their impact on the environment by using recycled materials and adopting responsible production practices.

Nahua's collections tell captivating stories. Each piece is imbued with deep symbols and meanings, inspired by ancient cultures from around the world. Nahua jewelry is not simply accessories, but works of art that celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and honor the cultural diversity of our planet.

By wearing Nahua jewelry, you feel connected to something greater than yourself, to a centuries-old tradition that crosses time and borders. It is an intimate and personal experience, a link between the past and the present, between the artisan and the lover of beauty.

Thus, Nahua embodies the beauty of diversity and the importance of preserving traditional knowledge. It invites us to explore the world from a new angle, to celebrate the richness of each culture and to proudly wear a piece of jewelry full of history, emotion and authenticity.

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